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Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews

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Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews

What is a SSL

Secure Authentication

SSL initiates an authentication process called a handshake between two communicating devices to ensure that both devices are really who they claim to be.

Data Integrity

SSL also digitally signs data in order to provide data integrity, verifying that the data is not tampered with before reaching its intended recipient.

Why get an SSL certificate?

Your website is more than just a digital billboard; it’s a data highway between your business and visitors. Anytime a visitor accesses your website, data, like their IP address, gets transferred from one server to another before it reaches its destination. Your visitors expect your company to keep that data secure.

Without a secure connection, the data they share with you is at risk of falling into the wrong hands, compromising their privacy, which could have steep consequences for your business. I wouldn’t risk that, and you shouldn’t either. Not to mention, if your site experiences a data breach, your credibility will suffer. That’s where SSL comes into the picture. 

In short, your site should have SSL, especially if you process financial transactions. However, I would make sure my site has SSL regardless of that. This added layer of security will protect you from data breaches, giving visitors a good reason to trust you with sensitive information. Not to mention, SSL improves your ranking in search results. It’s worth the energy to get an SSL certificate, and considering you can get a free SSL, there’s no reason not to. It just takes a few extra steps, and I’ll walk you through those now. 

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Free SSL for your secured online bussiness

Recognised & Trusted Free SSL

Anyone with a website these days needs to purchase an SSL certificate. It’s no longer a nice-to-have security add-on but a must-have if you want your site to be considered trustworthy. Higher user awareness, web browser developers, and search engines are to thank for that.



From SSL site seals to the address bar padlock symbol, savvy website users know the trust markers to look for to make sure a website is safe to use. Failing that, web browsers will greet visitors with a “website not secure” message if a site doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Most major search engines even give websites with an SSL certificate a higher ranking than those without. All in all, SSLs are vital if you want to attract visitors to your website.

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Why Openskye SSL

Looking to effortlessly get a

Faster, more secure websites

Improve Website Performance

Utilising modern SSL improves webpage load times to provide a better visitor experience on your website.

Protect Website Visitors

Encrypting traffic with TLS ensures nobody can snoop on your users’ data and is crucial in complying with data privacy regulations across the globe.

Boost traffic to your website

Search engines like Google®, favor websites encrypted with TLS in search result rankings. Avoid browser warnings present on unencrypted sites that dissuade users from visiting.

Zero Effort Deployment

Set up certificates for a domain in less than 5 minutes. Keep your hosting provider. No code changes required.

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